5.22.11 ~ 142/365

27 May

Day 2 in Disney was spent in Epcot- my absolute favorite park. Don’t get me wrong- the Magic Kingdom is very magical and fun, but I just love the relaxed pace of walking around the countries in World Showcase, exploring new technology in Innoventions and riding one of the best rides ever- Soarin! Spaceship Earth (the “golf ball” for many….) is one of my favorite things to photograph- I probably took almost 500 pictures of it.

I told you every day was “picture perfect”!

One of my friends (who I’ve known since preschool!) lives down in Florida along with her husband and almost one-year-old son. Because of family obligations, she could not meet up with us our first full day in the park, but her husband and son came to visit- since we had the baby with us, we decided to meet some of the characters.

My sister and I with “the big cheese” himself.

Minnie Mouse wanted to steal him all for herself– seriously, she wouldn’t let go!

How adorable is he? He goes on every ride (that infants are allowed on) and just soaks up all the sights and sounds around him.

The fountain in front of Spaceship Earth just begged to be in the photograph as well, and since I had my fisheye (it never really left my camera…) I happily obliged.

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One response to “5.22.11 ~ 142/365

  1. Trish ~ ♥ ~

    May 28, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    nice silky water and again with the wide angle shot, ♥ it


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