5.29.11 ~ 149/365

30 May

I was hoping to take a picture like this on Arbor Day, but the tree I had in mind had not bloomed yet. So instead, I’ll do it one month after Arbor Day.
When I was younger, it was common practice in our town for schools to give students to get a small tree to bring home and plant on Arbor Day. We always dutifully planted ours in our back yard, and now we have a line of little evergreen trees lining the back corner of our yard.
One year, the grocery store in our town must have given out small trees as well, and while I was only 7 or 8 at the time, I vividly remember going up to get one, and the employee handing me the last little tree they had. I hardly think you could have called what she handed me a “tree”…it was more of a dried up stick wrapped in a small burlap sack. But, being 7 or 8, I took my job of “saving the Earth” (as we had learned in school) seriously, so when I got home, I planted my sad little stick next to my playhouse in the back yard.
Fast forward 20 years- in that time, this tree has grown taller than our (2 story) house, with a trunk that’s at least 30 inches in diameter. It’s roots took over my childhood playhouse, which had to be removed because the tree was growing into it. It’s easily taller and fuller than many of the trees that my parents purchased and planted when we moved into this house.
A few years ago, in the spring, along with leaves, the tree started blooming with flowers. I’ve never seen another tree or flower like this before, so I’m hoping one of you can help me identify this tree (that started out as a dead stick!)

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One response to “5.29.11 ~ 149/365


    May 30, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    it’s got a beautiful bloom! no idea what it is, of course, but wow… and to think that you planted it and have thus watched it grow with you is cool, special, awesome 🙂


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