11.23.11 ~ 327/365

24 Nov

Road trip today!!
My boyfriend, who is in the Air Force, is coming home today– unfortunately, “home” for him is on the other side of the country– and unfortunately today is the day before Thanksgiving, but, he does have an overnight layover at an airport about 4 hours from me, so I’m going down to pick him up at the airport. Expect lots of pictures tomorrow from my trip!

Since I won’t be with him for his birthday, I’m also bringing down his birthday gift- he has absolutely *no* holiday decorations, so I made him a starter box of ornaments- it’s filled with 13 ornaments that are significant in some way to our relationship– most of them are handmade, but I did have to buy a few to complete the collection. To see all of them, check out my other blog.

Here’s a quick preview though–
He’s in WA, I’m in NJ- the distance between us stinks!

For most of the past 7 months, he grew out a mustache (it’s some Air Force tradition)- and for most of the past 7 months I’ve made fun of him.
This ornament says “staching through the snow” and I painted a mustache on it and filled it with glittery snow.

One of our favorite ways to “hang out” together (despite the 7000 miles…) was to play Words With Friends- a scrabble type game on our iPods

And last (well…there’s more…these are just a handful)- this one is filled with 27 (he’s 27 years old this year) little origami stars.

To see the rest of the ornaments, click here
I’ll let you know if he loves his present tomorrow!


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2 responses to “11.23.11 ~ 327/365

  1. Trish ~ ♥ ~

    November 24, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    each one is so special, what a wonderful and thoughtful idea. I’m certain he will find them to be a treasured gift. so glad that you were able to see him, if even for only a few hours ~ and so very thankful for his service and his safe return ~ Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family


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