Space Age

18 Apr

Day 108

Today the space shuttle Discover (which is now retired) was strapped onto an airplane and flown from Florida to Virginia where it will be moved to the Smithsonian museum in Washington DC. On it’s way, it flew by many of the national monuments in and around the DC area, and most of the flight was televised on the NASA TV website. Since my students learned about space not too long ago, I thought they might enjoy getting to watch the live webcast, so before they got to school, I set up my computer and SmartBoard projector so we could keep an eye on it during the morning. We watched it for most of the morning, and just minutes before we were about to line up for recess, they got to watch the airplane, with the shuttle strapped to it, land at the Dulles airport in Virginia– the kids were very excited to say the least– when the airplane touched down, many were jumping up and down, cheering and clapping– it was too funny!

The computer and SmartBoard

Close up of their airplane/shuttle contraption (the kids kept asking me how they tied it down!)

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