Day 11 ~ San Francisco to Southern Oregon

11 Jul

Day 11 of our road trip was jam packed.  We didn’t have any official stops planned, but we made a lot of little stops, which was a good thing because we had a lot of driving for one day!

We started out by waking up early (5am!) so we could try to get to the Golden Gate bridge before the fog rolled in. (Seeing the Golden Gate bridge has been on my bucket list for a long time!  I wanted to drive over it while listening to the theme song to Full House for a long time!)

Unfortunately, fog interruped our plans again, and this was all we could see of the bridge.


We didn’t really have time to wait around for the fog to leave, so we headed off.  After a bit of driving, we came to the California coast– I was so excited to see the Pacific Ocean (ya know- being an east coast girl and all).  Yup– fog was still there, but at least it was fairly warm out!

Me, dipping my toes into the opposing ocean for the first time:


Our next stop was the Redwood Forest.  Just like the Grand Canyon, pictures do not do this place justice!


Me, by the “big tree”


Humongo Banana Slug!


Random “Roadside America” talking and waving Paul Bunyon we came across about a half hour after leaving the Redwood Forest.  I love it!


Ahhh– now this is the beautiful coastline I’m talking about!



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