Riverfront Park

17 Jul

Ever since my fiance told me where he’d be stationed and I did research, the place I was most excited to visit was Riverfront Park.  The park held the World’s Fair back in the 70’s and has so many things to do– a gondola ride over the waterfalls, sculpture gardens, a mini golf course, amusement rides, pathways to walk/run along the river, a clock tower, and these two items which I was most excited for– a restored early 1900’s carousel and the Radio Flyer playground!

The carousel is located in a carousel building and is beautiful.  It has all of the original horses and mechanics as when it was built in the early 1900’s (interesting fact: the original carousel was a gift from a father to his daughter on her wedding day! Some gift!).  After the carousel gets up to its top speed, a bell is rung, and people can reach out and try to grab brass rings.  If you catch a brass ring you can trade it in for another free ride on the carousel.


The Radio Flyer playground– this larger than life (actually, it is the world’s largest!) Radio Flyer wagon was built in the 1970’s.  You walk up the stairs at the back of the wagon and can slide down it’s handle.  It’s just too cool!

(If you look carefully, you can see a kid climbing up the slide– just to give you a perspective of how big it really is!)





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One response to “Riverfront Park

  1. Trish ~ ♥ ~

    July 20, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    what a great place to visit, the carousel is just fabulous and the wagon is way cool ~


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