Perseid Meteor Shower

13 Aug

This is pretty much the first SLR picture I’ve put on my blog in over a month!  I’ve been so busy, and that plus spotty internet in my house (it seems like it’s *always* down!) means that it’s just as easy to upload a cell phone shot, but today’s picture is from my SLR and with good reason!  I woke up at 4:00 am this morning to sit outside and watch/try to capture the Perseid meteor shower.  I sat outside, in the middle of my front lawn, in my pj’s for an hour taking 30 second shot after shot for an hour and only captured one meteor, but it was well-worth it.  I probably saw about 15 all together, and about three of them were really bright (most were too faint to be picked up by the camera).  Out of those three, one was absolutely amazing, but it was out of the view of my lens, one was in that split second between my exposures (what are the odds) and the third one is below!

(That bright thing in the lower left hand corner is the moon– I thought I had positioned myself so that the moon was behind that tree, but I didn’t compensate for just how much that moon would move over the course of an hour!)

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One response to “Perseid Meteor Shower

  1. Simple Life at the Shore

    August 13, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    Good job! We were up at our usual 5:00 a.m., walking by 5:15, but did not know that was going on! It is such fun to get up early for something like that. Glad you captured one and visually saw a bunch. Hopefully the neighbors didn’t see you in your pj’s! Even if they did, who cares…….


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