Guinness Book of World Records

15 Sep

Today, my sister, my mom and I went to Point Pleasant, NJ to participate in an attempt to break the world record for building the most sand castles in one hour.  The previous world record was 600, but was broken about two weeks ago by a group in London who built 800, so the goal for the day was 1,000.  We registered at 9:30, were given t-shirts and wristbands that stated our location (the beach was gridded off like a giant game of Battleship.  We were “grid” C-2.  Within our grid, we were to build 5 sandcastles.  In order to meet Guinness Book of World records standards, our sand castle had to be 24″ wide and 24″ tall.  We were instructed to build a dome of sand 24″ wide by 17″ tall and then had to place a “castle” on top (using a sandcastle shaped plastic pail)  The sandcastle had to be perfect– if for any reason one of the four turrets on it did not form properly, you had to start again.  There were judges walking around while the castle building was going on to let you know if your castles were within the standard.  When they were measured and deemed appropriate, you were given a flag to stick into the castle.  Not only did you have to build 5 castles within the hour, you also had to maintain the already-built ones, which included spraying them down periodically to make sure they didn’t crumble or dry out.  When the one hour time limit was up, we were all asked to clear the field and the judges went back our and re-measured every. single. sand. castle.  It took about an hour for them to go through that process, and the unofficial count was 1,068 sand castles in one hour.  All of the paperwork has to be submitted to Guinness Book of World Records and if it is all correct we currently hold the title!

Sandcastles as far as the eye can see!

My sister and I as we received the last flag for our 5th sandcastle with about 1 minute to spare.

I can cross “getting into the Guinness Book of World Records” off my bucket list!

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One response to “Guinness Book of World Records

  1. Simple Life at the Shore

    September 17, 2012 at 11:00 pm

    That is SO cool! I hope you made it into the book. You and your sister look so proud and happy. I am sure you had a great time and it was fun to be part of all that excitement. Congratulations!


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