Mini Road Trip… Portland

28 Sep

My fiance and I don’t sit still very long. I’ve only been here for a week (less than a week, really!) and we’re already “on the road again” (it’s becoming our theme song!). This time, it’s a weekend road trip to Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.
About a year ago, I found out about something called “The Color Run” which is a 5K where you get color thrown at you every kilometer that you run, so you look like a rainbow threw up on you when you’re done. Running this 5K was immediately put on my bucket list, and I even got my fiance to want to run it. He signed us up for the race a few months ago, and since it is in Portland (about a 6 hour drive from where he lives) we decided to make a weekend of it. But– the race isn’t until tomorrow, so more of that then.
We drove into Portland today, checked into our hotel, picked up our race packet, and then explored downtown Portland. Having been to Philly and NYC numerous times, I’d say Portland was like a mini Philadelphia. It had the high rise buildings, and an area with some resturants, but it wasn’t nearly as nice as we thought it would be. Parts of it were really dirty, and we really didn’t feel too safe, but we made it.
Despite the dirty-ness, there were some nice areas. I loved the architecture here!

There was a little park overlooking a river– this is looking onto the outskirts of Portland.

And the famous “White Stag” Portland sign

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One response to “Mini Road Trip… Portland

  1. tmoorephotography

    October 3, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    it is always fun to explore new places


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