The Iconic Image From Hurricane Sandy

18 Dec

The day after Hurricane Sandy blew through our state, the media started reporting on the damage that had been left in her wake. One of the most iconic images was the Jet Star roller coaster in Seaside Heights which was knocked off it’s pier and pilings and sat in the ocean.
Ever since I saw a picture of that roller coaster, I have been scheming of a way to get over to the island to get a picture of it. Unfortunately, the bridge has been closed since the hurricane, and only recently re-opened, but to residents only.
Finally, yesterday, I had gotten word that the bridge would be open to all to come back over to the island to start repopulating the local businesses and resturants.
I texted phriend the night before to see if she wanted to go and was thrilled when her response was “what time shall I pick you up?” We were out the door and on our way by 8am.
As we neared the bridge, we noticed there was no cop cars like there has been for nearly two months, and we both gasped. As we began the ascent over the bridge, we both squealed with delight and were literally bouncing in our seats trying to breathe in the salt air that we’ve missed for the past two months.
We got successfully over the bridge, and made our way ocean side. We were stopped by only one State Trooper, but thankfully he let us through. After finding the one street that wasn’t being patrolled by a cop, we parked, grabbed our camera and ran toward the ocean…literally. A 15 foot pile of sand blocked our path to the beach, but we scaled it like ninjas. When I reached the summet of the dune, I actually screamed when I saw the Jet Star roller coaster just sitting there in the ocean. I stared at it for a moment, then began snapping away like a madman. We took a bunch of pictures, then inched forward, took a bunch more, then finally got our bravery when we noticed no one was stopping us and stood at the waters edge and gazed at this bohemith roller coaster being battered by the ocean waves.
I’ve got a bunch of pictures from the boardwalk that I want to share, but today, I’m leaving you with my favorite thus far (I’m not even halfway done editing, but I am in love with this shot!)


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2 responses to “The Iconic Image From Hurricane Sandy

  1. tmoorephotography

    December 18, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    ok, let’s set the record straight ~ you scaled like a Ninja, I scaled like an new born foal learning to use it’s legs! Honestly, I wasn’t certain I wanted to see all the destruction first hand, but the images in my head were worst than the actual sight. Perhaps I am becoming numb to it all?

    • sewin2disney

      December 20, 2012 at 5:00 pm

      Haha– sorry! I should have turned around to see if you needed help, but I was off and running!


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