What’s Left of the Seaside Boardwalk

19 Dec

Moving on from yesterday’s post about getting over to Seaside post-Sandy, here’s two pictures from the north end of the boardwalk. This area was made famous by MTV’s show “Jersey Shore”, but even their steroid-filled muscles couldn’t save their beloved “Shore Store” (can you tell I’m not a fan of the show? lol). Sandy mangled the storm doors to their shop like they were pieces of tissue paper…. and a few doors down at George’s Pizza, the door was ripped right out of the tracks, exposing the interior to the elements. (Although, from where I was standing, the inside looks relatively unscathed).

Between the Shore Store and the MTV house on the left there used to be a boardwalk– that’s how much Sandy destroyed our beach town and eroded the sand!

Can I get a slice of Jersey pizza, lemonaid and a fried oreo please?

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