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9.30.11 ~ 273/365

I’ve never seen moss so curly and cute before!

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9.29.11 ~ 273/365

I saw these old coke bottles in a store’s window display. You know I love old things, so I had to take a picture of them! I also added two textures- one to make the coloring appear vintage and the other to give it that “crinkle” texture. I then used the “round corners” action from the Coffeeshop Blog.

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Here’s the original:


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9.28.11 ~ 271/365

The Stone Pony ~ New Jersey’s infamous bar/club (the one where Bruce Springsteen got his start!)


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9.26.11 ~ 269/365

Happy Birthday to Johnny Appleseed!
Johnny Appleseed is one of my most favorite holidays to celebrate in school- lots of fun apple-themed activites and no sugar filled snacks to wire the kids up- sounds like a good deal to me!

In honor of Johnny Appleseed day, my town’s historical society holds their annual “Apple Festival” complete with historical games and crafts, fall activities, Johnny Appleseed himself and of course, lots of apple-licious food.

I can’t decide which photo I like better- so you get them both!


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9.24.11 ~ 267/365

Ever since I started teaching, my “availability” to venture out with Phriend has diminished, so when we both had this evening off, we jumped at the opportunity to head out and take some pictures.
Our travels brought us back to Asbury Park, NJ, a town that we both love to photograph, but haven’t been to since this past winter– so armed with with our new lenses (well, new since we’d last been there!) and skills (HDR anyone?) we headed up. I’m still working on processing all of my HDR shots, and will share them over the next few days, but this is one of my favorites from the night. At the south end of the boardwalk is a dilapidated “casino” building. In its heydey (1950’s), the casino housed many activities- an indoor amusement park, ice skating rink and theater. Now it is an open breezeway for pedestrians to pass through and imagine what fun used to be had inside.
To see my older Asbury Park pictures, click here.

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9.23.11 ~ 266/365

A conversation in my house the other night:
My mom: Hey, do you want to go to the park?
Me: (asking skeptically) Why…..?
My mom: Just thought you might want to take some sunset pictures.
(Side note: this coming from one of the many members of my family who barely tolerate me taking more than one shot of something)
Me: (again…asking skeptically) Why…..? Am I dying or sick or something?

Seriously. I’m still wondering why she was being so nice.
But I’m not complaining- I was able to get this!

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9.22.11 ~ 265/365

The other day when I was at the cranberry-less bogs, my mom and I picked some “weeds” like we were five year olds. We had quite the cute little collection and arranged it into a little mini vase and put it on our kitchen table. Tonight, I was sitting there looking at it, and I noticed that these little mini-daisy type flowers were starting to wilt…except they weren’t wilting in the normal way with leaves and petals drooping, instead, the petals were starting curl up into little tendrils. I grabbed my camera and makeshift tripod (two boxes of Cheez-Its…lol) and set up my shot.
Its so weird- even though I know better, my first instinct is to put my camera on f/2….but then when I looked at the picture and saw only one-tenth of one petal in focus…so I went in the extreme opposite direction….this is a 15 second exposure at f/32…and it’s SOOC- not a bit of editing!

“I learned” that macro photography doesn’t mean using the smallest aperture you have- sometimes you need to push it up to get your subject in focus!
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9.21.11 ~ 264/365

I’ve decided to sell one of my lenses (a Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 if anyone is interested ::wink wink::), and as I was taking pictures of it to list on eBay, I saw the aperture blades through the back glass elements and I thought it might make for a cool photo- but with the curved glass, it was harder to get than I thought! Oh well- I kind of like the little rainbow of reflections!


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9.20.11 ~ 263/365

Random photo of the day:
This was someone’s driver-side rear seat window. It was completly covered with bumper stickers advertising all sorts of local stores, attractions and places. I love coming across random “art” like this!


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9.19.11 ~ 262/365

Yesterday I mentioned that New Jersey is home to many cranberry bogs, but the one closest to me is no longer harvesting cranberries.
Here’s a shot of the actual cranberry bog (or the cranberry-less bog…). That house in the background is actually an old cranberry sorting and packaging plant, complete with the antique machinery. The building dates back to the early 19th century.


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