Photography Subway Art

I know I said I’d stop showing off the items I’m selling on Etsy on here, but it’s a photography blog, and I just have to share my Photography related Subway Art!

It can be found here

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12 Days of Christmas

On the 1st Day of Christmas my true love sent to me….
a snowman in front of a lit tree!

I sent my fiance a 12 days of Christmas care package, with 12 different gifts, one for each of the 12 days of Christmas, and this is day one– I just love this little soldier snowman I found! I then decorated it with the Air Force logo. I can’t wait to Skype with him to get to see him open it!

You can see the other things I sent him here.

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I can’t believe it is December 10th and it is almost 70* out. Granted- it’s a cloudy on-and-off rainy day, but 70* is 70*! I had to spend some of my day outside and not let this warm weather go to waste!
So here it is- mid-December and I can run outside in capris and a tshirt!


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Candy Candy Candy!

It’s time for our annual night of gingerbreading! Here’s a collage of some of the candy we collected for this years gingerbread house.


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New York Public Library

Phriend insisted that we visit the New York Public Library after she had discovered that I had never been, and I was glad she did– it was amazing! I felt like we were in Italy with all that marble around us!

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Times Square

Iconic Times Square!

And that right there my friends is the Naked Cowboy that roams around Times Square– I was so excited to finally see him!

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Rockefeller Tree

A trip to NYC at Christmas is not complete without a trip to see the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree!



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Radio City Christmas Show

Another stop on our whirlwind tour of NYC was Rockefeller Plaza (but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see a picture of the tree!)

Another long exposure of taxi cabs and cars going by– I was so glad I brought my tripod!


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Lion King Exhibit

One of the main reasons we went into the city was because Phriend had found out about an exhibit celebrating the Lion King’s 15th year on Broadway. In celebration, they set up an exhibit showcasing some of the amazing costumes from the show.

This was my favorite– the Rafiki costume!

The dancing masks with the Rafiki costume in the background



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Happy Birthday Mikey!

A big Happy Birthday to my fiance today!  I made him these airplane cookies and sent them in a care package– I couldn’t share the pictures until now because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise!  He got them a few days ago, so now it’s ok to post the picture.

Happy Birthday Mikey! ❤



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